Using our website

How it works

Designed for our users

We have designed and built our website in alignment with the broader Health Design System, which aligns to the Digital Transformation Agency's Service Design and Delivery Process and Digital Service Standard.

We have also undertaken user research on the previous sites usage. This has helped us to understand what information you need when you come to our website.

Reorganised information

We have moved from a website that that has evolved, to one that's structured to make sense to you – our website visitors.

Information is now organised into the following areas:

  • Resources – all of our publications, dashboards, data and information in one place
  • Data Tool – access to the self service data tool
  • HeaDS UPP – access to information and the application process for the HeaDS UPP tool
  • Contact Us – contact for us and support
  • Using our website – information about us

Organising our content in this way will help you to find it more easily. It also helps us remove duplications and display content consistently, so you know what to expect.

There are 3 improved ways to look for information on our website. You can use:

  • our main navigation menu – available at the top of every page to browse our entire website
  • our side navigation menu – available within the Resources page to filter for like content
  • search – available at the top of all our pages, or the Search page.

Transforming our website

On 1 April 2021 Health released a new version of


  • changed the way it looks and works so it's easier to use
  • reorganised our content so it's easier to find
  • rewritten our content so it's easier to understand
  • improved navigation and search
  • followed Government best practices.

Our old website has been completely migrated to the new website.

Old Content

All of our old content has been migrated to the new site. You should be able to find it through filtering on the Resources page or using the sites Search capability.

Old Health Workforce Data Website

A screenshot of the old website