Report, MET 4th (2019)


The Medical Education and Training (MET) dataset is similar to that published in previous Medical Training Review Panel (MTRP) reports. It is made available online each year and reports the annual changes in medical education and training in Australia. The dataset aims to continue the time series from MTRP and is presented in the same tabled format as the former publications.

The MET data tables can be found here listing the tables in grouped sections, outlined below:

  • University medical education and training
  • Prevocational medical education and training
  • Vocational medical education and training
  • International supply of medical practitioners
  • Quality, distribution and access to programs (3GA programs)

In addition, the previous MET reports are provided in PDF format and are available at

Currently the Health Workforce Data Tool does not contain the historical MTRP data.
The MTRP reports can be found on the Department of Health and Aged Care’s parent website Medical Training Review Panel.